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Real Estate Startups Changing the Industry

In any industry, it’s important for new companies to lead innovative changes. Technology has proliferated across many niches, and real estate is no different. Startups are integral to these innovative changes, and the rise in startups indicates that there’s a lower barrier to entry than ever. The following startups are changing the real estate industry from numerous different angles, making it easier for homeowners, buyers, sellers, and agents to go through the real estate process.



Moving into your new home can be a very frustrating process, and there are dozens of items on the to-do list. Updater aims to make these to-do list items much easier to handle, making the transition into your new home as seamless as possible. They handle updating any necessary licenses, changing and connecting your utilities, mail forwarding, and even finding the most reliable movers at affordable rates.


How it works is simple. The company starts by learning more about your move to better understand how they can make the move as easy as possible, and completely tailored to your situation. From here, they curate an ideal moving checklist and work with you to get each item done.



The Oakland-based company, Roofstock, became the first online marketplace dedicated to single family rentals, a sector of the real estate industry that wasn’t getting much attention. The startup helps streamline the transparency associated with leasing single family homes, taking them outside of the MLS.


The platform allows buyers to market their rentals without losing income and to invest in properties that have been analyzed for their potential to produce a profit. The entire premise is to make investment real estate accessible and cost-effective for anyone, including first-time investors.



Flip gives landlords an added dose of security by providing a platform to help facilitate legal long-term subletting. The platform handles credit checks to ensure candidates can afford long-term rentals and guarantees rent payments for subtenants that are eligible. Agreements can range from anywhere from one month to a year, which can be great for individuals who have numerous properties and are seeking to fill spaces as they manage their real estate inventory. Flip is also ideal for people moving into a new home before their current least is up.



Compass is an online platform that helps buyers and sellers shop for a home without having to leave the house. Free online neighborhood guides are a powerful tool here. Many buyers struggle to gain a better understanding about the neighborhood where their prospective homes are, and this can make the real estate process even more compounded. The platform also partners with agents to offer real-time market reports that offer an in-depth look at the potential for local markets.



Property management is a $76 billion industry, as of 2019. Buildium was designed to address some of the challenges within this niche by making it easy to tackle day-to-day property tasks. Designed to promote cost and time efficiency, it can help you connect with targeted leads to build your portfolio, communicate through dedicated portals, manage incoming and outgoing payments, spearhead property inspections, and much more. Additionally, the platform also integrates with important platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and hotpads.



Real estate investors looking for a way to manage their property may struggle to keep their properties under wraps. With Avail, individuals who invest in real estate and find tenants in way less time. Within just a few minutes, you can have your property listed across multiple sites, and prospective tenants will come straight to your inbox and dashboard. Start a conversation with prospective tenants, ask pre-screening questions, request rental applications, and much more.



Fundrise combines crowdfunding and real estate by providing a platform for entry-level investors to get started in the real estate industry. Long gone are the days where you needed years of experience and a large budget to get started. With Fundrise, you can invest as little as $500 to grow your business. Designed to change how people invest, you’ll start by choosing an account level. After you make an initial investment, you’ll be diversified across a series of investment funds. You’ll earn returns based on the real estate assets in your portfolio.


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